Top 10 Best Multi-Purpose Soil in India – Features & Reviews

List of the most popular and best-selling Multi-Purpose Soil that customers are shopping online in India with latest ratings and reviews

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Which are the best Multi-Purpose Soil in India? We try to find an answer here. Since you are looking to buy the best and the most popular Multi-Purpose Soil in Fertilizer & Soil, Gardening and Outdoor Living related products, we have prepared a list of the most popular Multi-Purpose Soil that people are shopping and buying online in India.

Our top 10 Multi-Purpose Soil list will give you the details, features, specifications, ratings and latest reviews by customers online. The trusted positive reviews by online shoppers and high selling volumes have made these items the most popular. Since these products are high-rated with 4 to 5 Star Ratings, you can be assured of the quality you are buy online. You can buy these products at Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Paytm Mall, Shopclues and more online shopping websites at best discounts and offers in India. We are here to help you make the smartest buying decision. Click here for the best offers and discounts on Multi-Purpose Soil at

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Top 10 Best Selling Multi-Purpose Soil In India

SaleBestseller No. 1
EarthPower Soil for Plants 30KG Potting Soil Mix for Plants 30KG Garden Soil for Plants Less All Purpose Ready to Use Potting Mix Made with Vermicompost, River Sand,Neem Cake, Potash 30KG
  • Soil and Fertilizer for Plants: Our purpose is to make your gardening much easier than ever. We offer a potting mix made with 100% natural ingredients, including vermicompost, Neem cake, bone meal, vermiculite, coco peat, and more. This fertilizer is ideal for flowering plants in your home garden.
  • Soil Mix for Plants Home Garden: Whether you have indoor or outdoor plants, vegetables, or flowering plants, our potting mix is suitable for all. It's a versatile soil mix that promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Garden Soil for Plants: Our potting mix contains sand for plants and cow dung compost, known for their antifungal properties. Additionally, it's enriched with beneficial microbes that enhance soil properties, ensuring your plants grow in a healthy environment.
  • Potting Soil: Our potting soil is completely organic and free from harmful chemicals. We deliver it in various weight options (5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg) in our own branded packaging, so you can easily get the right amount of soil and fertilizer for your plants.
  • Mitti for Plants: Whether you need garden soil, potting soil, or mitti for plants, our product range covers all your gardening needs. Trust us for high-quality soil mix for plants in your home garden.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Nutripot Soil Tab 2GmX10 Tablets
  • A convenient to use soil insert tablet with all macro and micro nutrients. The Nutrients are in ready to use form.
  • Tablet has soil conditioners and root growth enhancers which improve absorption of Nutrients.
  • The combined effect of all components is rapid growth, greening , flowering and fruiting.
  • Easy to store and carry. Easy to Use.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Ugaoo Pot-O-Mix Potting Soil with Fertilizer for Home Garden Plants - 5 kg
768 Reviews
Ugaoo Pot-O-Mix Potting Soil with Fertilizer for Home Garden Plants - 5 kg
  • Completely organic & does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Contains 11 ingredients for optimum plant nutrition and improved root development.
  • Contents: Coco Peat, Coco Husk, Peat Moss, Neem Powder, Charcoal chips, Leaf mould, Red brick powder, Bio Compost, Perlite, PSB, Tricoderma, Humic Acid, Biozyme.
  • Contains a re-wetting agent for water retention and maintain pH levels.
  • Custom blended growing mixture for all varieties of potted plants and bedding.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Village Soil Multi-Purpose Enhance Drainage and Aeration in Soil Mixes for Healthier Plants - Gardening Essential for Improved Plant Growth-Pack OF1
2 Reviews
Village Soil Multi-Purpose Enhance Drainage and Aeration in Soil Mixes for Healthier Plants - Gardening Essential for Improved Plant Growth-Pack OF1
  • Multi-Purpose: Enhances drainage and aeration in soil mixes for healthier plants.
  • Natural volcanic mineral prevents soil compaction and promotes airflow.
  • Improves root growth, prevents root rot, and ensures proper water distribution.
  • Suitable for all gardening levels and a variety of plant types.
  • Ideal for succulents, flowers, vegetables, potted plants, and raised beds.
SaleBestseller No. 5
JBPL Garden Zyme Fertilizer Plant Growth Granules Multi-Purpose Soils Rose (1)
2 Reviews
JBPL Garden Zyme Fertilizer Plant Growth Granules Multi-Purpose Soils Rose (1)
  • ✅Advanced Formula: Garden Zyme Fertilizer incorporates a scientifically advanced blend of essential nutrients, organic matter
  • ✅Versatile Application: Tailored for a variety of soils, our granules adapt seamlessly to different gardening needs.
  • ✅Promotes Root Development: The specialized formulation encourages robust root systems, enhancing nutrient absorption and providing plants with the foundation they need to flourish.
  • ✅Long-Lasting Results: The slow-release nature of our granules ensures a steady supply of nutrients over an extended period
SaleBestseller No. 6
Divine Tree Pot O Mix Ready to Use Potting Soil for Plants Organic Soil Manure for Outdoor Indoor Garden Plant Filler 5 Kg
  • Promote root growth and grow big beautiful plants, Grows Plants Twice as Big! vs unfed plants
  • Provide efficient drainage-aeration and enough water holding capacity.
  • Feeds plants up to 6 months. No mixing, no measuring!
  • Ideal for all kinds of container or potted plants.
  • 5 Kg Pot o Mix Ready To Use Soil
SaleBestseller No. 7
Reyal Dolomite Limestone Powder Fertilizer Multi Purpose for Soil Neutralization pH Balance (950 Gram)
  • FORMULA : DOLOMITE Limestone Powder chemically named as Calcium Magnesium Carbonate with the chemical formula CaMg(CO3)2.
  • BENEFITS : Dolomite Powder neutralizes soil pH and cuts fertilizer costs by making fertilizer more available to plant roots, so less fertilizer is needed. It improves the chemical, biological, and physical conditions of the soil. Water infiltration, drainage, and the healthy growth of beneficial microorganisms are improved by the proper application of dolomite powder.
  • PACKING : Reyal Standard Zip Lock Packing pouch can keep Powder safe for longer, and provide excellent barrier control to protect against the elements. Puncture-resistant films can be used to safeguard for Pouch during transport.
  • USE : Best time to add Dolomite Powder in Spring and Fall. It acts as Soil enhancer as you can add dolomitic limestone to the potting mixture at planting time since it contains calcium and magnesium. Apply One tablespoon For Small Plants (10-12” Container), Two for Medium Plants(14”-16” Container) and 40-50 Grams For Large Tree and Plants.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE : Dolomite Limestone Powder can be useful for many areas like Agriculture, Construction, Chemical Industry, Glass Industry and Ceramic Industry.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Storing Carbon in Agricultural Soils: A Multi-Purpose Environmental Strategy
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 126 Pages - 03/09/2013 (Publication Date) - Springer (Publisher)
SaleBestseller No. 9
IFFCO Urban Gardens - Magic Soil - 5Kg - Soil Less Potting Mix for Plants, with Organic Fertilizer & Seaweed, Ready to Use, Fill More Pots as Light Weight & High Volume
  • ABOUT: Magic Soil Is A Premium Soil-Less Potting Mix With A Unique Blend Of Substrates And Essential Nutrients. A Plant Friendly Mix, Magic Soil Provides The Right Balance Between Water Retention And Aeration For Germination And Root Development, Along With Slow-Release Of Necessary Natural Macro And Micro Nutrients For Healthy Plant Growth.
  • HOW TO USE: Take an Empty Pot with Drainage Hole and for Transplanting, Select A Pot With Proper Drainage And Fill It 1/3rd With Magic Soil; Fill the Pot with Magic Soil; Repot the Plant or Sow the Seed at Suitable Depth; Fill the Rest with Magic Soil; Fill the Rest with Magic Soil Leave About 1 Inch Space At The Top For Easy Watering.
  • COMPOSITION: Cocopeat, Perlite, Organic Manure, Seaweed
SaleBestseller No. 10
UGAOO Mustard Cake Powder for Healthy Plants And Soil - 1 Kg
  • Nutrient-Rich Organic Fertilizer: Mustard cake is a natural and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, containing a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients essential for plant growth.
  • Enhanced Soil Fertility: When mixed into the soil, Mustard Cake Fertilizer improves soil structure, enhances water retention, and increases nutrient-holding capacity, promoting overall soil fertility.
  • Slow-Release Nutrients: The nutrients in mustard cake are released slowly over time, providing a steady and prolonged supply of nourishment to plants, reducing the risk of nutrient leaching.
  • Promotes Root Development: With its high nitrogen content, our mustard cake fertilizer stimulates root development, resulting in stronger, healthier, and more extensive root systems.
  • Boosts Plant Growth and Productivity: Regular application of Mustard Cake Fertilizer leads to vigorous plant growth, increased flowering, and higher yields in fruits and vegetables.

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